Most Excellent Features

Today I Learned will rock your socks

New Fancy Design

Browse by category or favorites, comment, share, submit, and best of all flat dezign graphix.

Wrapped in a Bow

Each little fun fact nugget is carefully curated from all over the web (mainly Reddit) and delivered hand-crafted.

Cross-Device Support

Supports all phones and tablets! In super hi-def, retina 3,000 display.

TIL logo scratch

Infinity+ Fun Facts

We easily have like totally more than 10,000 super fun facts with daily updates. No in-app-purchases or ads and now with Blast Processing!

Impress Your Friends

No more awkard silences between you and your friends. Now they'll love to here about your pointless chitty chatter.

Extra Fun

More fun facts than other fun fact apps, guareented! (If not satisfied, we'll refund you the free dollars the app cost you).


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