Hungry Lizards

Do the lizard bop


Hungry Lizards Trailer:

  • Single and Multi-Player

    As a remake of the Atari classic "Frogs and Flies" we've added tons of new ways to play. Single player campaign through 10 unique and dynamic levels beating each boss to reach the top! Compete head to head in Multi-Player VS, Time Trial, or Consecutive modes. You can also play Co-Op in Time Trial and Consecutive modes!

  • Achievements & Leaderboards

    Over 30 challenging achievments (with more being added in version 1.1) to unlock and multiple leaderboards to compete on. Your statistics are stored locally as well as on Game Center.

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  • Connect Anywhere

    You can connect with friends via Facebook, Bluetooth, or Game Center. No WiFi or 4G needed to compete with friends and family! Connect device to device on long car rides, subway rides, and flights. Or connect via WiFi and play with the 30,000+ users already playing the game around the world.

  • Universal App

    Play on any iOS device! Support for iOS 5, 6 and 7, iPad Retina, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod, iPhone 3g, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c! Graphics, music, and game engine were all created from scratch just for Hungry Lizards. One price for one version that works on all your devices. No in-game purchases ever, upgrades are free.

"To sum it all up, the gameplay in Hungry Lizards is on par with most arcade games out there, but all the different playing modes it what makes it different."

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Score: 70%

"Suitable for both kids and adults, Hungry Lizards is a really fun little game. If you like cute critters and games with a high replay value, this is worth your time and attention."

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Score: 90%

"Addictive Bug Catching Fun with Hungry Lizards"

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Featured on Front Page

"Hungry Lizards became synonymous with "integrity" among Redditors."

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Featured Story

"The graphics of the game are just eye-blowing. It’s very rare to have such amazing colours and beautiful animations in a single game. There are so many different places and locations and all of them take you to a world of fantasy. Also, the characterization is full of humour."

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Score: 80%

"It's remarkably fun and addicting. I'll sit down to play just a couple rounds, and before I know it, I've play 20 or more. No in-app purchases either! That's awesome, especially today. Multiplayer is a fantastic addition as well. And I hear that all the music is all original! Very well done!"

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Score: 4.5 Stars (90+ Reviews)

Hungry Lizards (Frog Bog / Frogs and Flies) makes a cameo in Grandma's Boy

In this hilarious movie, ("Grandma's Boy", go watch it on Netflix!) they have video game competitions at work.
In this scene they are playing the game "Frog Bog" on the Intellivision console.
"Frog Bog" was a remake of the classic Atari game "Frogs and Flies".
I made "Hungry Lizards" as an homage/remake of these two games because my friends
and I used to get just as competitive playing them as they did in the movie and I
thought it would be a perfect universal iOS game, so I made it!

Please let me know about bugs, crashes, and features you'd like to see!
Also get in touch with me if you want to be part of my street team,
I'll send you stickers and goodies to handout!